Merchants, businesses and sponsors are an integral part of the community goodwill that supports fundraisers. Many small business owners are not receiving their fair share of the commerce related to local fundraising.

Fundwell’s goal is to deliver digital and mobile tools and a marketplace match-up portal to help remedy the situation.

Through our core digital services, businesses choose causes that matter to them and offer fundraisers special discounts, rewards, coupons and vouchers, using our business development tools.

This match-up builds their business, helps fundraisers achieve goals and brings added value to the lifestyles of busy patrons, who also become customers.

Business sponsors pay a 7% contribution fee on their markup to cover the marketplace promotions and Fundwell portal costs.

Brands may also elect to sponsor category segments of the community marketplaces to coincide with other promotional occasions they have planned. Fees for this are customized to a brand’s needs.

Start with registering your business here.

Connect with us here or through our LinkedIn network to discuss how best to create a goodwill digital fundraiser channel to grow your business and see immediate results.