We are a registered, Canadian-owned company, headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, with offices in Toronto ON, and Vancouver BC.

We have a software development team located in Austria and India, and currently, platform partners in Kelowna, BC and Edinburgh, UK. All payments to the company are transparent and split to the designated fundraiser and merchant accounts at the time of transaction by payment gateway algorithms, such as in Stripe.

We are a not-just-for-profit collaboration, where all partners carry one membership vote each and are appointed to their roles on an annual basis. We have a robust AWS environment delivering the mobile platform suite of tools and services now in play.

Our clients and their customers achieve growth in sales, customers and treasury funds by applying Fundwell’s portfolio of advanced, integrated features. This community-shared economy and expansion establishes a solid base for the Fundx community reward exchange to become a defacto standard for omni-marketplace alternative currencies and promotional efficiencies that integrate with daily lifestyles, creating sustainable growth and goodwill across communities.

Connect with us through the Contact email or our LinkedIn network.