From Businesses You Know and Trust – Help Fund A Cause You Believe In

Fundwell is open to all with a need and cause — from youth and amateur sports teams, school parent councils, youth development groups, animal rescue shelters, homeless funds and veterans, to not-for-profit local groups and fundraising brands with chapters in every community.

Fundwell’s solution brings to this vast network of fundraisers, the tools required to effectively raise funds within a society that uses their digital lifestyle to engage, conduct commerce and generally get a lot done — we call this lifestyle fundraising.

Our app-based mobile engines and digital delivery platforms match-up the needs of fundraisers and their supporters with the goals of community businesses and organizations, who can choose to become sponsors of specific fundraising campaigns on a dynamic basis, in addition to using the solutions suite as a robust mobile sales channel to expand their business or mission.

Business sponsors create goods and services offers that include, in whole or part, a share of mark-up or an incentive reward, which is transferred to the fundraiser and/or converted to cash for the campaign.

Fundwell is launching a complete community rewards system under the brand Fundx. It offers practical digital solutions to help clients build business and community goodwill, applying technology, tools, and promotion, along with mentorship services to small business owners and fundraisers — curated from our 30 years of industry sector business development expertise, delivering immediate and sustainable results.

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